Thousands of Israeli websites were damaged this morning, hackers posted an anti-Israeli message on their homepage and tried to smuggle malicious code.

A massive hacking campaign defused thousands of Israeli websites, the attackers placed an anti-Israeli message on their homepage and tried to smuggle malware to access the visitors’ webcams.

Prepare for the big surprise The countdown to the destruction of Israel has long since begun, according to a report published in Hebrew and English on damaged Israeli websites.

The video released by the hackers shows explosions in Tel Aviv and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, beaten and bloodied, swimming away from the burning city.

Hackers have also added a link on some websites that asks users to click on the link and activate their camera.

Tens of thousands of Israeli websites have been defaced …

The list of illegal sites belongs to local communities, various NGOs, popular restaurant chains and the left-wing member of parliament.

The attacks were carried out by a group calling themselves the Saviour’s hackers. Most of the compromised websites were hosted by the Israeli WordPress uPress hosting service. A YouTube channel from a group of hackers describes the team as a collective attempt to avenge Israeli policy regarding the situation in Palestine.

This morning we discovered a large-scale cyber attack on numerous websites stored on our servers. This is a malicious and large-scale attack by anti-Israeli (Iranian) sources. We found a vulnerability in the WordPress add-on that allowed the system to be hacked, and we are working closely with the National Cyberspace Bureau to investigate the breach and repair the damaged pages.

The host confirmed the attack and showed that hackers used a vulnerability in the WordPress plugin to compromise Israeli websites. Below is a message published by the company on Facebook:

The company stated that it cooperated with the Israeli authorities in the investigation of the break-in. uPress also destroyed all the corrupt websites and extracted the files used by the hackers. The company is working on the repair of all damaged locations.

Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, the government agency charged with protecting Israel from hacker attacks, confirmed that many Israeli websites were hacked in the morning, suspected of Iranian cyber attacks, reported Calcalistech.

The Bureau is dealing with this matter. We advise users not to click on links to compromised websites.

The hosting provider reported the incident to the authorities, who investigated the attacks.

The Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD), the Israeli Cyber Security Agency, has warned users not to visit or interact with compromised websites.

אנו מעדכנים כי כי האחרונות התקבלו דיווחים במערך הסייבר אודות אודות אינטרנט בישראל אתרי אתרי אתרי אתרי אתרי אתרי הלאומי-ישראליים. הנושא מטופל על ידי המערך. אנו ממליצים לגולשים להימנע מלחיצה קישורים.

– Cyber Israel (@Israel_Cyber) 21. May 2020.

The Israeli media accused the Iranian hackers of these attacks, but there was no concrete evidence for this accusation at the time.

Pierluigi Paganini

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