I looked very surprised when I was told about the visitor screen recording tool. It helps me to know who is visiting my website and what the quality of their experience is.

Probably, if you’re a blogger or an online entrepreneur, you’re more likely to have the same thoughts in your head.

Okay, the first tool I used was HotJar, just to say it doesn’t replace Google Analytics, but HotJar will allow me to have a deep understanding of my website that you won’t find in Google Analytics.

You can take the time to visit David Darmanin, the blog of HotJar’s founder, to see how HotJar’s fuel conversion works.

Google Analytics was one of the best free tools for your website. But if you want more understanding, give the visitor the best screenshot tool at their fingertips.

In this article I will help you select the best HotJar alternatives in 2020.

#1 Heating pot alternatives – SmarLook

SmartLook is an application that looks thinner than HotJar. This SmartLook does not only contain a quantitative analysis. Many functions are integrated in the web application.

The tool helps you find the number of recordings of events and sessions and finally helps you know how your website is performing. This option may look like HotJar, but the idea is to implement features that look unique.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

Start with Smartlook

This gives you the opportunity to understand your users, customers, etc. SmartLook offers basic functions such as visitor registration, click cards, event registration and funnels.

The registration section has a live session recording that allows you to see how real users interact with your website. In addition, you will be able to find errors and identify vulnerabilities and understand your users’ click behaviour.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

With clickable heat maps you can display the number of visitors that have clicked on your site. You will also get a detailed picture of where users don’t click and why this area is used more efficiently. In general, the SmartLook UX is definitely winning your heart.

Tracking events in the SmartLook tool is easy because it provides the code you need to paste into your website head and SmartLook does the rest. It automatically starts recording all events when a visitor lands on your website.

You can perform all kinds of activities to show your customers, users on the site. Starting with the funnel, the events. This tool offers full integration with dozens of applications, including the ability to track websites and mobile applications.

Features of the SmartLook tool for recording visitor screens

  • Permanent visitor registration
  • Press the thermal cards
  • Context related records
  • Conversion funnel
  • Automatic tracking of events
  • JS Console
  • Data for recalculation
  • Integration
  • Filtering and segmentation
  • Cooperation and exchange
  • The multiple unit is compatible
  • Event details
  • Event collector
  • Mobile applications
  • History of the data

Read the SmartLook section in detail

  1. On the website you will find a detailed picture of the trip and the activities of the visitor.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

SmartLook stores information about each user’s visit in one place, in the sense that your website is either on Google or Facebook in its entirety. Using SmartLook as a key driver for understanding customer motivation and behaviour gives you an advantage over recording HotJar sessions.

  1. SmartLook is the right tool for entrepreneurs and organisations.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

Different users have different requirements and depend on the type of website. SmartLook is mainly used in organisations and companies, but also by private individuals. For example, e-commerce, education, services, travel, medical care, media, games and travel.

Most website owners search first-hand information from users visiting their website and mobile applications, detailed information is available through this powerful tool. Currently, as of April 2020, more than 2,00,000 companies and organizations are using this powerful tool, known as SmartLook.

The information received from the SmartLook recorder enables website owners, businesses and organizations to accurately identify gaps and take advantage of the customer experience. This enables companies in different countries to transform themselves and generate revenue more efficiently.

  1. Different SmartLook plans for different companies.

SmartLook will ask you to fill in various forms before you start registering visitor movements. Unlike HotJar, this tool can be used for free above a certain level. And you can add up to 2 team members, with one project and up to 10,000 visitors per month.

However, two low-cost plans have been added to SmartLook for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses and individual website owners.

When you purchase one of these plans, you immediately activate all the preview functions available in SmartLook. You can even start with a basic (free) plan, but with Freemium the most powerful features will be limited. It is best to get a plan that meets your needs.

The SmartLook commercial tool gives you a detailed picture of the interaction between your visitors and your website. This will help you to find the painful points on your website even better.

SmartLook Profitable Plans

SmartLook premium plans have a low price structure and come with a 10-day free direct trial.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

For a basic analysis of the website (free)

  • Recording the visitor screen and making thermographic maps.
  • Recording and exchange of thermal cards
  • Mobile visitor registration
  • Support for Ajax and page applications
  • Up to 100,000 visits per month
  • Attractions
  • 2 filter steps
  • Up to 3 datasets
  • Up to 3 heat cards

Access to the data

  • Event collector
  • EU Data Centre
  • History of data for the last 3 days

Management and support

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Up to 2 team members
  • Analytics
  • 2 events
  • 1 abyss

Second, the plan – Get ahead only at $19/month.

  • All free features, plus :
  • Up to 3 months of dating history
  • Up to 2,000,000 visits per month
  • Up to 4 team members
  • Unlimited number of notes
  • Filtering and segmentation
  • Unlimited heat maps
  • Improved accuracy of thermal images
  • Up to 3 months of dating history
  • Fixed shots
  • Historical data in heat maps
  • Skip the action
  • Different types of visitors in heat maps
  • API and user identification
  • Recording speed
  • Premium integration

Third, the energy plan – get more details on your website.

  • All startup functions, plus :
  • Up to 10 team members
  • Data history up to 12 months
  • Unlimited number of funnels
  • Unlimited activities
  • JS error in the console

Amazing integration of mobile applications, absolutely free of charge

Free – Beta (SmartLook for native applications for iOS and Android)

  • 50,000 meetings per month
  • Advanced filtering
  • Fixed shots
  • Unlimited number of funnels
  • Unlimited activities
  • Historical data for one month
  • API and user identification

SmartLook is truly a powerful tool that many executives, companies, organisations and individuals use to create webcasts and keep track of visitors’ CVs. The SmartLook tool has a user-friendly interface that classifies registered sessions and provides detailed information about visitors who pay to visit your site.

I’ve written a detailed article about Smartlook Reviews that you can read and get an overview of Smartlook.

#2 HotJar alternatives – MouseFlow

MouseFlow opens with a start line Stop wondering why visitors leave your website.

This adage generally has the same functionality as HotJar : Heat cards, forms, funnels, meetings and reading.

Mouseflow supports a wide range of CMS platforms, including Joomla, Shopify, WordPress, Google, Analytics and HubSpot.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

Let’s now move on to a demonstration of MouseFlow, the screenshot program for visitors, our favourite feature.

Screen Playback – Mouseflow’s screen recording tool has many functions such as clicking, mouse movements, scrolling, form filling and much more.

Filters and Segments – You can filter and use records by segment by filtering visitors by location, operating system, platform, traffic, and so on. It is best to save each filtered option so that you can quickly use it again in the future.

Compatibility – Mouseflow is compatible with all major browsers, including desktop computers, tablet PCs and phones.

And you can see a lot of it when you look at dynamic content, for members only, and much more. It doesn’t slow down the speed of your website either.

Thermal cards – The thermal cards supplied by MouseFlow have a click/sensor and movement. So you know which elements of your website attract visitors.

So that you can get a better idea of how to navigate the visitor’s site, how to improve it and how to orientate yourself.

Other features include scrolling and viewing heat maps that provide valuable information about the various activities visitors perform on your site.

Usually MouseFlow includes a number of features, such as geothermal maps, which can be useful for identifying the geographical patterns of target visitors.

Funnel – Gives you a broader view of the visitor’s journey from start to finish. This method is better optimized than a view per page.

This way you know where your visitors end up, so you can solve the problem quickly.

How does MouseFlow fit over a jar?

When it comes to trust and privacy, HotJar takes a larger share of its customers’ business with an open standard for users and the ability to provide a transparent platform.

Users probably prefer HotJar over the MouseFlow application. The following points should ensure a better understanding of the differences between the two.

  • No poll or survey feature in MouseFlow
  • Free trial versions are only available on HotJar
  • Customer feedback tells us more about value, availability and support.
  • The lack of a HotJar affiliate account means that less online commentary is available, which is a serious problem for future business leaders.

#3 Alternatives for HotJar: First-year students

It is interesting to note that Freshmarketer offers a detailed report on the effects of popular tools on the market. But more importantly, Freshmarketer has the same characteristics as HotJar, such as heat charts, scrolling charts, funnel analysis, form analysis, surveys and feedback, support.

HotJar and Freshmarketer were similar, but in some areas they were different. The first point of difference is the price.

There is a big difference in the pricing of the different plans. However, the plans are based on the total number of pages viewed per month. In addition, the rates for Freshmarket are calculated on the basis of the total number of contacts.

#4 Alternative to Hot Bench – Lucky Orange

The site of Luckyorange is fascinating, which stops you for a few seconds. However, they present themselves as The Original All-in-one optimization suite, which they sell for only $10 a month.

Of course, he’s cheap compared to HotJar. But how does the instrument behave in the real world? A quick look at the functions gives you all the information you need.

Hotjar Alternatives-Do you find the 3 best alternatives for Hotjar?

Dashboard – The Happy Orange Dashboard is the universal space you always need. You can also see the visitors and their location of the destination.

With your knowledge you can easily request more information and analyse the traffic on your website.


The recording modes are the same as for the other recording tools. However, if something new can be added to this functionality, dynamic pages and pure user pages are an excellent addition to most websites.

Heat maps

LuckyOrange is no better than two other recording tools such as Hotjar and MouseFlow. The logger is able to segment visitors by location, navigation data, devices and everything visitors do on your website.


Everyone loves LuckyOrgange, but it’s because of the features and functions the company has built into this tool.

The tool works perfectly with all types of websites, with features such as multiple operations, edits, response tins and especially with the chat function, which seems to be the icing on the cake.

LuckyOrgange may not be the most popular registration tool, but it allows you to compare historical statistics and track traffic generation based on keywords, links, tweets and languages.

And fortunately the user doesn’t have to look for these options anywhere, because they are on the dashboard.

Features include recording, heat cards, conversion funnels, form analysis, chat and surveys.

As mentioned before, the LuckyOrgange (chat) feature is very popular. Because the tool can predict what your visitors will need. Besides the good functionality of personal support for your users, we think Hotjar misses it.

Our last words on the alternative Hotjar

Regardless of how the HotJar alternatives become known, the HotJar survey function is certainly the best way to give them feedback. It is also extremely important for any company or website owner.

Even if you liked HotJar’s features, you might enjoy it after checking out the annual awards. However, there are other alternatives at a lower price. Taking into account the different needs of the users.

You can view these recording tools through HotJar and decide to purchase a tool that offers the best value for your business. You can also view simple HotJar 2000 recordings and omit all other functions.

You can read the detailed article written on the site’s session report and help you get to know the best tool.hotjar alternatives free,smartlook,mouseflow,crazy egg,hotjar pricing,smartlook analytics,inspectlet,livesession