EndeavourOS came out last year after we stopped working on one of our favorite bowspaces. The team initially released the first version with the Xfce desktop environment, but now supports several other desktop environments.

EndeavourOS is one of the few Linux distributions that does not pretend to offer user-friendly GUI tools for learning Linux. In fact, the team promotes distribution as a terminal-oriented distribution that provides you with your favorite desktop environment with multiple core applications and active community support.

Wiki for help and active community support

As this is a terminal-centric distribution, users will have more problems than with GUI tools. To help correct problems and motivate new members, the team has a wiki and active community support. There is no problem with encountering errors, every time you solve a problem you learn more than you could with GUI tools.

Although the welcome screen after installation allows the user to configure some basic operating system components after installation.

EndeavourOS-The Right Way to Learn Arch Welcome screen EndeavourOS

For example, the home screen is useful when updating your mirrors for faster download speeds, updating your system, detecting common problems, updating your operating system, and customizing the appearance of your system.


Installing EndeavourOS is as easy as installing Ubuntu or Linux mint. The distribution comes with the Calamares installation program. You can choose one of their installation methods, online or offline. The offline installer installs EndeavourOS using the customizable Xfce, while the online installer allows you to select and install packages according to your needs.

Detailed instructions for installing a Linux distribution with Windows 10 can be found in this manual.

EndeavourOS-The Right Way to Learn Arch Select the EndeavourOS installer

Desktop PC Areas

The EndeavourOS installation program asks the user to choose the installation method. The Calamares standard standalone installer configures the system using the Xfce desktop environment configured for EndeavourOS. The online installer allows users to choose their desktop environment and the packages they need.

EndeavourOS-The Right Way to Learn Arch Select EndeavourOS Desktop Environment EndeavourOS-The Right Way to Learn Arch Select EndeavourOS Packages

Installation of new applications

EndeavourOS is based on Arch, so the default pacman is pacman. You can use pacman from the command line to install and update packages.

pacman – Package name

pacman supports the installation of packages from repositories supported by Arch-Linux developers, but does not install packages from the AUR (Arch User Repository).

EndeavourOS also comes with another package manager called yay. yay has a syntax similar to pacman, but supports both repository and AUR.

yay -S package name

Download EndeavourOS


At first glance, it may seem wrong that developers do not develop GUI tools to facilitate the journey under Linux. But don’t forget: The more you work with your cast, the better you will learn. I myself have found this technique useful. I learned from the StackOverflow, Reddit and other Linux communities, not from the distribution itself.

The Linux distribution can be easy to use, but EndeavourOS will help you to learn Linux. You can try out different packages and settings, make a mistake and there is an active community that can help you solve problems.

You have a public forum that you can visit here. There is also a group called Wiki and Telegram. Then join the group for immediate assistance.endeavour os wiki,endeavour os virtualbox